The Belafer brand continues to remodel its ecological equipment in all kinds of fruit plantations, vineyards, olive groves, etc.

The CEP-3P.730 model with hydraulic disc allows clearing in vineyard plantations with a 730 mm cut, mobile blades and drip hose protection.

Robust design with a very acceptable working speed and allowing brush and grass clearing of up to 4 cm.

The model allows mounting the side disc on the right, the double side disc on both sides and with telescopic extensions of up to 3 m on each side from the center of the tractor.

The models are made with inter-stump discs of 500/600 and 730 mm. with spring sensor with double spring or with hydraulic sensor.

desbroces en hierbas y arbustivos de hasta 4 cm
Cepillo 3P con disco hidráulico