CAB-R public works machinery head

Reinforced head for all types of backhoes from 5 to 9 TN. Available as standard with skids and hammer rotor interchangeable by blades. Compact and reliable structure for all types of work.


-Wear-resistant steel plate monocoque chassis.

-Rotor shaft with interchangeable blades and hammers.

-Height-adjustable side skids.

-Projection-proof front and rear chains.

-Built-in hydraulic motor: unidirectional or reversible.

-Hitch plates for backhoe loaders.

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The CAB-R model of head, is specially indicated for excavators in different work spaces. The CAB-R allows clean clearing in normal grass areas and in woody clearings of between 5 and 8 cm in diameter. It is also indicated for effective brushcutting and shredding of undergrowth, forest roads and in civil and agricultural works. The cutting system is by means of treated double cut hammers that extend the life of the same. The machine allows the assembly of several accessories such as the Ripper Claw, also used in forest replanting and rear roller instead of skids.


Technical features

CodeModelWorking widthMartillo (m) Cuchilla (c)Weight kgPressureFlow
9990715CAB-100100 cm28 (c)410200-240 bar60 lts/85 L
9990719CAB-120120 cm36 (c)430200-240 bar60 lts/85 L
9990716CAB-100100 cm14 (m)440200-240 bar60 lts/85 L
9990720CAB-120120 cm18 (m)530200-240 bar60 lts/85 L
9990710CAB-140140 cm22 (m)600200-240 bar60 lts/85 L


-Rear roller.

-Spray-suppression front plates.

Back Enganches.

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