CAB-SPY retro spider forest header

The retro spider forestry head is indicated for work in clearing of land, roads, slopes, agriculture, gardening, green spaces, irrigation channels, civil works, roadsides and local roads.
Maintenance and control of vegetation, clearing of bushes and grasses are the main jobs that occur in these machines.


-Wear-resistant chassis plate.

-Piston hydraulic motor with anti-cavitation valve.

-Forest hammer rotor shaft, fairing or floating.

-Fully enclosed transmitter body and motor.

-Interchangeable support tines.

-Support skates.

-Transmission to pulleys and belts (inverlat).

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The Retro Spider Head model is equipped with ripper supports to help it on the ground and can be mounted with 360º hammer and fixed tungsten hammers.
The SPY series brushcutter heads are high performance machines that take advantage of the maximum flow of the backhoe and the maximum pressure. These models are manufactured with a balanced weight and specifically for Kaiser and Menzi-muck models. The mobile or fixed hammer shredding systems have high performance and shredding capacities of up to 30 cm.
Machine equipped with Parker hydraulic equipment for work up to 350 bar pressure.

Technical features

CodeModelHookWorking widthNumber of hammersWeight kgPressureOil
99907070CAB-120-SPY-FLOTSPY1.20 cm18850210-290 bar80/130 L
99907080CAB-120-SPY-CARSPY1.20 cm18890210-290 bar80/130 L

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