DFL / DFE maintenance and culture range brushcutter

Weed and branch cutters for the culture and maintenance of pastures, agricultural areas, forest areas, micro forest treatments, gardening and green areas in general.


-Height adjustment by means of skids.

-Clutchless transmission.

-Displacement of 20 cm. Right-left.

-40 HP group.

-Power take-off 540 RPM.

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Made of high quality materials and with working widths, the DFL and DFE brushcutters for green spaces are suitable for tractors with a power of 20 HP or more. Up to 60 hp. Interchangeable chain or blade cutting tools. High working speed and extra-fine cutting system. The DFS and DFF brushcutter models for grassland and micro-forestry are used for small and medium power tractors from 40 to 100 hp. The brushcutters are equipped with knives that can be replaced with 13 mm or 16 mm chains. The same blade and/or chain holder systems allow either 2 or 4 blades or chains to be used to improve brushcutting or shredding.
The transmission or cardan shaft is equipped with a safety clutch to discs. These models of brushcutters are also manufactured with a coupling and a hydraulic system for mounting on mini hydraulic loaders for the same functions.
The ground supports on this model of maintenance brushcutters are provided with skids lined in their friction parts with treated steel and as an option they allow for rear rollers or solid rubber wheels.

Technical characteristics DFL

CodeModelWorking widthNumber of bladesTractor powerWeight kg
9990116DFL-100100 cm220-25216
9990117DFL-120120 cm225-30248
9990118DFL-150150 cm230-35320
9990119DFL-180180 cm235-40355

Technical characteristics DFE

CodeModelWorking widthNumber of bladesTractor powerWeight kg
9990110DFE-100100 cm220-30250
9990106DFE-120120 cm230-35265
9990107DFE-150150 cm235-50370
9990115DFE-180180 cm240-60425


-Optional pivoting rear wheel.

-Spray-proof front chains.

-Projection-proof rear chains.

-Rear roller.

-Kit of 2 chains (13mm) dfs.

-Kit of 2 chains (16mm) dfs-dff.

-Parallelogram hydraulic displacement.

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