DFR-SPY retro-spider heads

The DFR-SPY heads are specific to the MENZI MUCK type backhoe loaders and KAISER spider excavators. They are mounted with ripper to help in cleaning tasks, to climb slopes and in some cases to help in forest replanting.


-Wear-resistant chassis plate.

-Piston hydraulic motor with anti-cavitation valve.

-Two-chain chain carrier.

-Engine fairing.

-Interchangeable support tines.

-Support skates.

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The DFR-Spy brushcutter head allows you to work in both directions with the double inlet chassis and the standard ripper for all types of spider webs.
For work on brushcutting farms, paths, slopes, agriculture, gardening, green spaces and irrigation channels, civil engineering and roadsides and country roads. Vegetation control, clearing of bush elements, maintenance and weeding are the main jobs that occur in these machines. The working agility of the basic machine is due to the reliability of the hydraulic equipment with piston engines and the material with SSAB steel plating of the different series.

Technical features

CodeModelHookWorking widthNumber of stringsweight kgPressureOil
9990127DFR-130-SPYSPY1.30 cm2690210-290 bar80/130 L
9990129DFR-150-SPYSPY1.50 cm2760210-290 bar80/130 L


-Retro-Spider Hitch.


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