Ecological brush cutter DD

The DD ecological agricultural brushcutter controls the growth of weeds and promotes the maintenance of plant cover while respecting the environment. Its ease of use and performance make it suitable for any vineyard or fruit farm.



-Three-point hitch.

-Control wheels.

-Reinforced chassis.

-Sliding disc.

-Minimum cutting height: 4 cm.

-Maximum cutting height: 14 cm.

-C” type belt drive.

-Straight Blades.

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The DD model is a multi-purpose machine used in agricultural fields producing fruit, as well as in almond, citrus and olive plantations. The DD model has several formats and working sizes from 1.85m to 3.00m. The brushcutter has several central blade hubs and a side hub on the disc or wheel that can be moved to edge the tree trunk to cut all the surrounding grass. The blade systems can be fixed in one piece or mobile so that they react differently when hitting stones or different blunt objects.
The operating transmission is by means of pulleys and belts. The tractor power ranges from 35 hp to 80 hp.
The models of the Agricola DD brushcutter are manufactured with double discs in some of the models for vineyards and olive groves.

Technical features

CodeModelWorking widthNumber of bladesTractor powerWeight. kg
9990096DD-185185 cm335-50545
9990097DD-220220 cm340-65552
9990098DD-250250 cm450-75565
9990099DD-300300 cm455-80580


-Double rear wheel.

-Tandem roller.

-Hydraulic displacement.

-Oscillating blades.

-Hydraulic lever sensor for young plantations.

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