FFL Fixed Light Milling Machine

Series adapted for small tractors and work in reduced spaces, greenhouses and green areas. Series of great resistance and reliability.


-1 1/4″ chain drive in oil bath.

-One-speed group.

-6 blades per disc.

-Cardan shaft and hitch pins.

-Direction of rotation right.

-Working depth up to 14 cm. Adjustable by skids.

-Rotor speed 190 RPM.

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The FFL model is a high performance Lightweight Agricultural Milling Machine, ideal for all types of plantations and nurseries, especially recommended for tractors from 10 to 55 HP.
It has 6 knives per disc and a rotor shaft with transmission by means of pinions and chain in oil bath of 1 1/4″, with a working depth of 12 cm. One of the main characteristics of the FFL model is that its design allows good work with low power consumption. At a safety level, the FFL model has a cardan shaft system at the power take-off with a disc clutch.
The FFL agricultural milling machine has a system of coupling to the tractor by means of coupling plates with movable flanges, which allows a wide range of anchoring measures to the different tractors.
As far as customisation is concerned, FFL milling machines are manufactured in different widths from o.80 metres to 1.50 metres.
In short, the FFL model is a light agricultural milling machine that is very versatile and that meets the working objectives for sowing, field weeding and land preparation for seedbeds, and that thanks to its design can be used on a wide range of tractors.

Technical features

CodeModelWorking widthMaximum depthTractor powerNumber of discsNumber of bladesWeight kg
9990008FFL-08080 cm12 cm10-20424202
9990009FFL-09090 cm12 cm15-20424210
9990010FFL-100100 cm12 cm20-22530224
9990011FFL-110110 cm12 cm22-25530230
9990012FFL-120120 cm12 cm25-30636238
9990013FFL-130130 cm12 cm30-35636240
9990014FFL-140140 cm12 cm35-40742256
9990015FFL-150150 cm12 cm40-45742270



-Left turn.

-Side grille.

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