FFLM Y FFLRE multi-body agricultural milling machine

Multi-body agricultural milling machine, especially for greenhouses and nursery plantations. Weeding and ploughing of all types of land, preparation of seedlings, etc. Suitable for working in vineyards, with walking tractors.



-1 1/4″ chain drive in oil bath.

-Single-speed group.

-6 blades per disc.

-Cardan shaft and hitch pins.

-Direction of rotation right.

-Working depth up to 12 cm. Adjustable by skids.

-Rotor speed 220 RPM.

-Triple group with double transmitter body.

-Standard clutch.

-Movable bodies + 20 cm.

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Multi-body milling machine with variable width for work in different plantations and for different tractor powers. Its use in plantations of Asparagus, tomatoes, artichokes and all kinds of nurseries, where the ploughing and preparation of the land or the elimination of the weeds, becomes essential. The FFLM and FFRE models are manufactured in variable widths of bodies from 0.50 mts. to 1.10 mts. The mechanical and hydraulic systems between bodies allow the centering and decentering of the bodies to the different measures of plantation widths.

The equipment adapts perfectly to the terrain, being possible in some models to customize them to the same plantation.


Technical features

CodeModelWorking widthTractor powerNumber of bladesNumber of discsWeight. kg
9990027FLM-100200 cm70-100605 x 2626


-Other working widths, please consult.

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