FFR LABORATOR heavy duty milling machine

The FFR-L Laborator model is designed for sowing preparation and stubble removal of extensive crops with medium-high power tractors. The best solution for professionals and contractors.


-Differential unit with 4-speed gearbox.

-Reinforced blades (double flange per disc).

-Transmission by gears in oil bath.

-Transmission with reinforced 4-ferrule clutch.

-6 blades per disc with 16mm screw.

-Working depth 25 cm. Adjustable by skids.

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The FFR Laborator model is a reinforced, high-performance agricultural milling machine for all types of plantations and nurseries, preparing weeded seedbeds and clearing for new plantations. It is especially recommended for tractors of all models and powers from 90 to 200 hp.
It has 6 blades per 10 mm disc. Treated with boron and a transmission rotor shaft with pinions in oil bath allowing a good work with low power consumption.
The working depth is 24 -26 cm and the FFR-L Laborator model has the PTO shaft systems with double differential disc clutch and transmission gearboxes of up to 300 hp.
The coupling system to the tractor is by means of three-point linkage plates for the tractor in CAT-II and CAT-III categories and therefore allows a wide range of anchoring measures to the different tractors.
The rear hinged door is manufactured in the FFR Laborator model in different formats.
The FFR agricultural tiller has different options such as front discs, track eradicator, different rear roller systems and seeder attachment.
It is also manufactured in different widths from 2,40 meters to 3,00 meters.
The Agricultural Milling Machine meets the working objectives for seedbed preparation, field weeding and soil preparation for sowing bases..

Technical features

CodeModelWorking widthMaximum depthTractor powerNumber of bladesWeight kg
9990080FFR-L-240240 cm25 cm90-120601390
99900820FFR-L-260260 cm25 cm120-140661530
99900821FFR-L-280280 cm25 cm130-160721670
99900830FFR-L-300300 cm25 cm150-200781750


-Hitch coupling for seed drill with 2 lifting cylinders.

-Front discs.

-Grasshoppers (Moth).

-Standard grating.

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