Floating CAB-FA heads for excavators



-Wear-resistant steel plate monocoque chassis.

-360° floating hammer and plate rotor shaft in the floating head.

-Fairing axle with steel through-beam, in the fairing cab.

-Support skates.

-Built-in hydraulic motor.

-Safety valve in the engine.

-Transmission by pulleys and belts.

-Projection-proof front and rear chains.

-Rear opening door.

-Hatchback in FA-150.

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Technical features

CodeModelWorking widthEng. TipoNumber hammersWeight KGPressureFlow
9990718CAB-100 Flotante100 cmA/B14500220-240 bar70 l / 100 l
99907180CAB-100 Carenado100 cmA/B14620220-240 bar70 l / 100 l
9990722CAB-120 Flotante120 cmA/B18730220-240 bar70 l / 100 l
9990723CAB-120 Carenado120 cmA/B20780220-240 bar70 l / 100 l
99907230CAB-150 Carenado150 cmB241100220-240 bar80 l / 120 l

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