GREEN MAC 2/4 brush cutter

Articulated brushcutters with hydraulic arms for maintenance of roads, highways, country roads, civil works and green spaces in general.


-Direct transmission.

-Automatic safety valve.

-Cable / Tele controls.

-Motor reversible.


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Mac-2 Green hydraulic brushcutting arms with ranges of up to 5 meters of arm and for tractors up to 100 hp. Systems of cutter heads with knives and hammers depending on the material to be treated. Fully hydraulic operation through an autonomous system of operation by means of a multiplier and hydraulic pump that allows you to use only the power take-off of the tractor for the total operation of the machine. The Mac-2 articulated arm brushcutter models can be mounted on tractors with a minimum power of 70 hp.
For specific agricultural work and general maintenance. The ranges of the articulated arm oscillate between 3.70 and 4.00 mts.

Technical features

CodeModelWorking widthLong armNumber of bladesTractor powerWeight kg
9990580MAC-2/4100 cm3,7 m2450-70900



-Single lever control.

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