Hydraulic link articulated brushcutter GREEN MAC 3-TITAN-1


Articulated brushcutters with hydraulic arms for maintenance of roads, highways, country roads, civil works and green spaces in general.


-Automatic safety valve.

-Reversible hydraulic motor.

-Controls by cable or joystick.

-Rotor shaft transmission by belts.

-Floating system.

-Safety tensioning arms.

-Acceptance cooler.

-Hydraulic equipment from 45 hp to 54 hp.

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The Mac-3 Titan hydraulic arm brushcutters. Professional machines for all types of work and for all types of tractors. From 90 to 150 hp. With automatic safety systems and hydraulic elements with electronics. The latest generation control system allows this type of MAC-3 Titan hydraulic arm brushcutters to be competitive in work. In the design of this model, high quality hydraulic elements have been used with the most complete hydraulic brands on the market.
Hydraulic pump units of 100 lts as standard and up to 130 lts on request, allow high power for specific jobs.
The arm reaches from the centre of the tractor with these models are 5, 6 and 7 metres with the Mac-3 telescopic model. The Mac-3 Titan-V models are machines that are mounted ventrally in the centre of the tractor, allow good visibility and are designed for Companies and Organisations with exclusive dedication to this type of clearing work. These models of hydraulic arm brushcutters are mounted on the tractor. They are practically made in the factory under very high quality and safety standards for the user.


Technical features

CodeModelWorking widthLong armNumber of bladesNumber of hammersTractor powerWeight kg
99905820MAC-3100 cm5 m241280-901250
99905831MAC-3100 cm6 m241290-1101320


-Hitch for brushcutters.

-Enganche trasero para tractor.

-Chassis tractor front hitch.

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