MAC 3-H road trimmer

Articulated brushcutter for work on roadsides, paths and civil works. Hitch on the backhoe arms support.


-Arm lengths 5-6 m and telescopic to 7m.

-Front hitch on shovel.

-Flow divider valve.

-Electrical controls.

-Mechanical support legs.

-Reversible direct motor.

-Anti-projection rear skirt.

-Complete positioning roller.

-Automatic safety valve.

-Acceptance cooler.

-Cutting power 30 HP.

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Hydraulic brushcutters to be coupled on backhoes with ranges from 5 m to 6 m and telescopic up to 7 m. The front coupling system is adjusted on the blade support by means of a structure according to the backhoe model. Handling by means of proportional distributor with joystick and perfect adjustment of all handling functions by means of a cable to the backhoe cab. Lateral positioning with all movements and ranges at distances of between 5 and 7 metres. Perfect staggering of movements, as well as efficient work where required. 1 or 1.20 m brushcutter heads with knife, hammer or interchangeable cutting system. The machine has the necessary counterweights in case they are required by the carrier.

Technical features

CodeModelWorking widthLong armNumber of bladesWeight kgPressureFlow
9990630MAC-3/5-H120 cm5 m36960250 bar60 l/100 l
9990631MAC-3/6-H120 cm6 m361010250 bar60 l/100 l
9990632MAC-3/7-TEL120 cm7m361220250 bar60 l/100 l


-Hydraulic support legs.

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