TBL Side shredder

The TBL range of large displacement makes it possible to work both on woody crop farms for the remains of pruning and plant cover, and in the maintenance of farms, paths, green areas, etc.


-T.D.F. at 540 RPM.

-Belt drive.

-Lateral displacement.

-Height adjustment via roller.

-Work positioning from 90º to (-75º).

-Hammer Rotor.

-Safety gas bottle.

-Floatation pin.

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TBL side brushcutters, for work on roadsides, highways, country roads, canals, general agriculture and green areas.
They allow brushcutting on slopes in positions from 90º to -75º. Very useful machine for shredding herbs and bushes up to 10cm. in diameter. The TBL side brushcutter model is prepared with a hammer rotor system, interchangeable hammers with blades or a multi-blade system for roads. The TBL side brushcutter model also has a gas bottle safety system, which allows it to move backwards in the event of an impact with an object, preventing any breakage. When faced with uneven terrain, the TBL side brushcutter model also has a positioning system that adapts to the terrain, allowing for multiple positions.
The system of hooking up to the tractor is by means of three-point linkage and categories II-III. The transmission is by belts and the manufacturing measures are from 1,65 to 2,40 mts.
The TBL brushcutter is equipped with plates or chains, the rear leveling roller of the machine, the rear dustproof skirt. The tractor powers to which the models are destined are from 50 to 90 CV. in the models of light TBL-L brushcutters and from 70 to 140 CV. in the models of reinforced TBL brushcutters.


Technical features

ModelWorking widthNumber of hammersNumber of bladesTractor powerWeight kg
TBL-165165 cm125050-70702
TBL-180180 cm145665-90780
TBL-200200 cm186270-110945
TBL-220220 cm186295-1401100
TBL-240240 cm2068110-1501200


-Blade shaft.

-Homokinetic knot machine side.

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