TERRALAND FFR-P stone burr milling machine

Special for gardening, golf courses, land preparation, small jobs for small tractors.


-1 1/4 ” side chain drive in oil bath.

-One speed.

-T.D.F. 540 RPM.

-Reversed rotator.

-Rotor speed at 200 RPM.

-Chasis monobloque.

-Mesh roller.

-Screen tines with protection.

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The Burial Milling Machine model FFR-P. It is a high performance reinforced agricultural machine for all types of plantations and nurseries. It is specially recommended for tractors of all models from 65 to 110 hp. The agricultural milling machine fulfills the work objectives for the preparation of sowing, weeding of fields and preparation of lands for sowing beds and for works in gardening, and civil works. Equipped with an oversized tube rotor, with reverse rotation to the tractor’s advance, it allows to throw stones, soil and all kind of material against the sieve screen mounted on springs. The material with dimensions superior to the variable grid falls into the furrow created by the machine at work and is covered by the earth produced by the machine, creating a perfect bed for sowing. The rear door that levels and smoothes it and later the roller leaves the soil perfectly compacted.

The FFR-P model. Terraland, includes category 2 universal three-point hitches. Single speed group for 540 rpm PTO. The sieve mesh with springs, Paker roller or mesh roller in stretched sheet can be optionally mounted on wheels. The roller is raised hydraulically on all FFR-P-Terraland models.

It has 6 knives per disc and a rotor shaft transmitted by sprockets and a 1 1/2″ oil bath chain, allowing a good work with low power consumption. The working depth is 24 cm and the FFR-P model has the conventional safety systems of cardan shaft to the power take-off with disc clutch. The coupling system to the tractor is by means of three-point linkage plates for the tractor and therefore allows a wide range of anchoring measures to the different tractors. The FFR-P Milling Machine is also manufactured in different widths from 1.80 meters to 2.20 meters.


Technical features

CodeModelWorking widthTractor powerNumber of bladesWeight. kg
9980160FFR-P-180180 cm65-7042610
9980170FFR-P-200200 cm75-8048650
9980180FFR-P-220220 cm85-11554705



-Right – Left side discs.

-Side wheels.

-Smooth roller with scraper.

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