TINEO forestry mulcher for tractor

Forestry shredder TINEO and TINEO-S for tractors, are designed for tractor powers from 90 to 450Cv. also provided with treated steel hammer rotor axles and fairings for shredding up to 80 CM. Chassis with high elastic limit plates, hydraulic tailgates and chutes compose the general set of the machine. The transmission systems to pulleys and belts (6 “C” type belts from Tineo 180 to 200 and 12 belts with double transmission in Tineo 220 and 240).
The differential groups with incorporated free wheel and of powers from 130 to 260 CV. The rotors can be mounted with 1.5 kg double cut hammers or with the standard 2.5 kg Tineo hammer. Maximum crushing capacity in all types of terrain, low brush, forest felling after a fire or cleaning in high density forests as a prevention of forest fires.



-Transmission by “C” type belts.

-Hydraulically folding gate.

-Reinforced floating hammer rotor shaft.

-Freewheel drive.

-Models TRF-220 and 240 with double belt transmission on each side.

-Wedge hammer in the standard model.

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The TINEO forestry shredder for tractor is a machine recommended for all types of brushcutting and forestry work. Its high cutting power produces a turbulence that pulls all the crushed elements, up to the adjustable rear door for intensive spreading or crushing.
The TRF Crusher model. TINEO, is a machine with high cutting power. Manufactured with SSAB anti-wear elements and materials, together with the rotors with the hammer hammers in standard or double cut on demand, it has a great durability and a crushing capacity of up to 45 cm. The diameter of the TRF-220 and TRF-240 models are manufactured with double transmission, allowing them to be fitted to tractors of up to 250 hp.

Technical features

CodeModelWorking widthNumber of hammersTractor powerWeight kg
99902700TRF-160160 cm1485-1001616
99902720TRF-180180 cm16100-1301738
99902730TRF-200200 cm18130-1601900
99902732TRF-220-DT220 cm20150-1802100
99902731TRF-240-DT240 cm22180-2202300


-Hydraulic third point.

-Floating hammer.

-Double hammers.

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