Tractor front brush

Front implement holder for the alignment and collection of branches from all types of fruit trees.
Quick coupling system on all types of tractors.


-Tractor quick hitch.

-Support foot.

-Hydraulic lift/lower position.

-Hydraulic controls 4 levers.

-Lateral displacement of 2.30 m from the centre of the tractor.

-Especially for tractors with or without cab.

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The front collector brush is an implement carrier on which different equipment can be adapted for collecting and aligning branches (collector brush) or knife cutting system for organic farming. The hitch is at the front of the tractor and its telescopic system allows you to move the collector or disc up to 2.30 mts. from the centre of the tractor.


Technical features

CodeModelPlatoNumber of broomsWeight kg
9990291CEPILLO 2P7008224
99902911CEPILLO 2P7008250


-Pantalla anti-drift 800mm.

-Arm with herbicide support.

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