Working in the agricultural sector involves a wide range of tasks and many of them are demanding, which is why it is so important to have the right machines to facilitate any action. They reduce effort, working time, resources and can even reduce some risk situations.

However, Belafer agricultural shredders stand out for being high-performance shredding equipment, they are robust machines manufactured to the highest quality standards. Having one of these machines ensures efficient work and the greatest ease of use in all circumstances.

What are the features of the Belafer TRS-LOW GREEN agricultural shredder model?

The Belafer agricultural shredder is ideal for reducing the size of branches, plants and weeds, which have a negative impact on crop growth. It is a machine that shreds waste with great force, the best thing is that these remains can be used as fertiliser.

The Belafer shredder is ideal for use in fruit orchards, wine, olive and citrus plantations, as well as in the biomass sector.

This is possible because the machine is equipped with a high-powered rotor and steel stamping hammers that do the cutting and shredding work efficiently. The other components are of high robustness to ensure the best performance.

For example, they are agricultural shredders suitable for small and medium power tractors, ranging from 50 to 130 hp. They include anti-wear material on the plates, breakage-proof and high-performance hammers, quality front skirts, among other top-quality elements.

The highest quality in the field

Belafer is a leading company in the agricultural machinery sector, as well as in the production of forestry and public works machinery. It has a track record of over 50 years, its experience and excellence has enabled it to position itself in the market, which is why its products are used in different national and European markets.

It should be noted that Belafer also has extensive experience in the adaptation of agricultural machinery to tractors, as well as in the specific production of shredders for use in the agricultural field, always being reliable and adaptable machines.

Another of the best features of Belafer agricultural shredders, is that they go hand in hand with a direct and personalised service, for this the company has customer service departments, direct service as well as national delegations, this is how they deal with any doubts that may arise.

These shredders are suitable for both small farmers and those with higher demands, and can even be used by forestry and maintenance companies. In conclusion, Belafer agricultural shredders are true allies for carrying out various key tasks in the field, easily and comfortably. They are the best option for managing branches in any green space, whatever the needs or requirements.

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