The branch shredder model TRB-RAW is an indispensable working machine in various scenarios. It greatly facilitates the cutting and management of branches and leaves, guaranteeing safe processes for the user and avoiding the burning of debris, which is so dangerous in summer.

The Belafer mulcher is a high-powered machine, and together with several lines of counter hammers and hammers designed to cut and mulch leaves and branches with a high level of efficiency. In addition, it has a set of features that make it an extremely versatile machine.

Features of the Belafer mulcher

The Belafer branch shredder is designed to work on herbaceous and shrubby trees between 10 and 12 cm in height. It is also ideal for weeding fruit, hazelnut, almond and citrus trees quickly and is able to carry out branch shredding perfectly. It has a shredding capacity of up to 20 cm with the interchangeable 360º hammer forestry rotor.

This shredder is available in various models, some are fixed and others move sideways. All these features make it suitable for use in the garden, also in vineyards and small farms, as well as in any green space in general.

All in all, the models are manufactured from 1.50 to 2.00 metres. It is a shredder with a high level of robustness, thanks to the fact that it is made of SSAB Strenx veneer with a high elastic limit.

Maximum security

The Belafer mulcher is a machine that is used with a high level of safety. Front flaps made of sheet metal or double-mesh chains prevent objects and debris from being thrown either onto the tractor or into the surrounding area.

High level of quality

Belafer is one of the leading companies in the field of agricultural machinery, forestry machinery and public works. Founded in 1962 with more than 50 years of experience, its machines are used in Europe, Australia, South America and part of Asia.

Thanks to the high level of quality with which each component is manufactured, to guarantee top quality machinery.  We offer direct and personalised service, through customer service departments and national branches. In fact, your shredder can be used by small farmers, but also by professionals, as well as maintenance and forestry companies.

In short, the Belafer mulcher is a machine that meets the highest quality standards and guarantees efficient operation at all times. It is the best choice for the management of branches in any green space, no matter what the needs or requirements are.

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