TRBO-MAXIMUM olive crusher

The TRBO-MAXIMA model is particularly suitable for olive and almond plantations where a large displacement and high crushing power is required. The double sliding parallelogram allows you to move practically the whole machine out of the tractor wheel.



-Chassis in steel plate of anti-wear material.

-Hammer rotor shaft.

-Hind rails.

-Height-adjustable rear roller.

-Front protection plates.

-Freewheel unit.

-Maximum hydraulic displacement.

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The wide range of the brand’s shredding range, allows to work in all the aspects of the agriculture that need capacity of shredding and capacity of displacement, the model of shredder TRBO-Maxima allows both things, to combine a high performance in shredding as well as an optimal displacement in plantations of Olive tree and almond tree. The weeding of the field until almost touching the tree trunk and the shredding of the branch almost in the same trunk. Model with a weight between 900 and 1300 kgs. and for tractor powers from 70 to 140 HP.


Technical features

CodeModelWorking widthNumber of hammersTractor powerWeight kg
99902331TRBO-180180 cm1465-75990
99902431TRBO-200200 cm1870-901100
99902492TRBO-220220 cm1885-1201200

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