TRBP rear door branch and crop shredder

The TRBP shredder is designed for all types of work, in pasture, corn, pruning wood, green spaces, etc.



-Freewheel drive.

-Rear door for opening and closing with piston.

-Front protection chains.

-Rear roller cleaner.

-130 HP differential.

-245 mm rotor shaft.

-6 type “C” drive belts.

-Double transmission from TRBP-360.

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Within the TRBP range of shredders, the Reversible model also stands out, with 3 models in widths of 2.8-3.00 and 3.20 mts. All the reversible models can be fitted with all the options in the range such as rear grids, manual opening gate and dust protection. The required tractor power ranges from 110 to 180 hp. The cutting systems that can be implemented are 3 kg hammers and interchangeable blades for hammers.


Technical features

CodeModelWorking widthNumber of hammersTractor powerWeight kg
99902512TRB-P-240240 cm2290-1201235
99902521TRB-P-260260 cm22100-1301452
99902530TRB-P-280280 cm26100-1301550
99902561TRB-P-300300 cm26130-1501600
99902569TRB-P-320320 cm26140-1601900
99902565TRB-P-360360 cm30150-1702300
99902566TRB-P-400400 cm34160-1802500
99902567TRB-P-495495 cm48170-2302900


-Double hydraulic slide with parallel anti-torsion system.

-Rear rubber wheels.

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