Belafer launches the new agricultural crusher for cereal and large plantations. Provided with double rotor shaft and overlapping system by means of hydraulic folding rotor with cylinders mounted with hammers.

It allows the crushing of up to 4.95 meters of work, the total width being 5.40 meters. The machine has 44 double-piston steel stamping hammers on the rear doors. It has a 300 mm rear roller, skates and front chains. The transmission system to the belts works on the basis of a double gimbal track system. With transmission bodies and fused transmission shaft. The hitch of the machine can be standard or quick hitch and the differential of the machine has a power of 165 CV.

This crusher has been designed especially for tractors between 180 and 300 HP of power. It has the following technical characteristics: double cardan system with 12 belts of type “C” in 6×2. 250 mm double rotor with 44 hammers, chassis plating in anti-wear plate, opening gates with double opening piston and machine weight of 2,800 kg.