TRISA vine crusher

TRISA series self-powered vine shoot shredders for work in vineyards and olive groves, as well as in fruit and citrus plantations, with small branch diameters.


-T.D.F. 540 RPM.

-Self-compensating third point.

-Double PICK-UP hydraulic pickup.

-Rear screen door.

-Rear pneumatic wheels or roller.

-Side plate retainers.

-Entrance and collection tines of the vine-shoot.

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The vine crusher models have a double feeder and steel grids in the TRISA model. To carry out the collection from the ground to the rotor where the crushing takes place, to later throw it crumbled by the rear screen. Specially designed for normal vineyards, in trellis and for crushing in areas of intense pre-pruning. The machine is supported on the ground by rear pneumatic wheels at work and a system of attachment to the third point that allows it to adjust to the ground and level the collection screens.
They also have an easy to open rear door and can be equipped with a material collection system by means of a trailer pack with pneumatic wheels that works with tipping cylinders for unloading.

Technical features

CodeModelWorking widthNumber of hammersTractor powerWeight kg
9990263TRISA-120120 cm1055-75650
9990264TRISA-150150 cm1255-85730


-Clutch transmission.


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