The Belafer Crushing equipment is a high power machine, which has been designed and manufactured entirely in Spain. This company has 50 years of experience in the agricultural machinery sector.

The main activity is based on the manufacture of Agricultural Machinery, Forest Machinery, machinery for public works and Special Range machinery. The equipment has characteristics in which the robustness, reliability and long useful life of its products stand out, which are the best in terms of soil and crop preparation, clearing of green areas, forest treatments and clearing for civil works, whether on tractors, trucks or machinery considered heavy.

The company was founded in 1962 with the objective of manufacturing agricultural machines, and currently its market covers the whole of Europe, working in the same way in South America, Australia and some Asian country. It provides personalized and direct service in the fields in which they specialize, through the different customer service departments they have, in conjunction with the national delegations.

Belafer’s main premise

The premise is based on the fact that the entire range of products and machinery they offer is always in constant innovation, the key to staying IN AN EVER MORE COMPETITIVE market and positioning itself for having products and equipment with high quality indices.

The products are not directed only to the small farmer, OR SMALL COMPANY, but to the professional farmer, and to companies that carry out forestry work.

As for the work team, they have 30 professionals in the Fraga (Huesca) facilities, supported in turn by EXTERNAL WORKSHOPS that are working in the surrounding auxiliary facilities. The objective of these is to completely satisfy and provide the necessary help to clients, clarifying any type of doubt that they may have.

In addition, Belafer’s standard MACHINE models are machines with their own personality that have special specifications.

Forest Machinery

The forestry machinery of this company has been recognized internationally for many years, with highly recognized quality standards in the market. Notable among them are chain trimmers, semi-forestry mulchers and forestry mulchers AS WELL AS FOREST SELF-PROPELLED VEHICLES.

Innovative forestry mulchers include the TBF-Marine III, TRF-TINEO and THE NEW TMG Molaris MODEL. THAT ALLOWS INTERCHANGEABILITY OF FLOATING AND / OR FIXED HAMMER ROTORS. In the MODELS FOR COUPLING ON HEAVY, ROTATING MACHINERY OR RETRO BLADES are the series of Crushing CAB-F, CAB-FW, CAB-R AND THE NEW MODELS OF CAB-LW AND CAB-FAW HEADS for coupling on hydraulic rotating machines of chains in expressly forestry works of selective cleaning and or extreme crushing.

TBF-Marine III forestry mulcher:

Trituradora forestal TBF Marine III

TRF TINEO forestry mulcher

Trituradora forestal TRF TINEO

MOLARIS forestry mulcher

Maquinaria forestal MOLARIS

Headers: CAB-F for excavators

Cabezales: CAB-F para excavadoras

Heads: CAB-FW for excavators

CabezalCAB-FW para excavadoras

Heads: CAB-R for back mixers, shovels, excavators

Cabezales: CAB-R para retromixtas, palas, excavadoras

Heads: CAB-LW for backhoe loaders from 7,000 kg to 10,000 kg

Cabezal CAB-LW

Heads: CAB-FAW specially designed for Menzi and Kaiser backhoes

Cabezal CAB-FAW

The TBF Marine series crushing machinery is mainly used in small and medium power tractors, which are expressly manufactured to give maximum performance in areas where orography is more difficult. The Gold and Tineo series are used in all areas and based on any tractor power from 120 hp to 350 hp.

In the case of the brush-cutter and shredder heads that can be attached to retro-shovels, there is the CAB, which is designed and manufactured for any machine from 1.5 TN. until 35 TN. All of these are defined with a main objective, which is to take care of the forest, redesign it and make it sustainable with selective felling and cleaning that help control fires and maintain it sustainably.

They also have low mount crushers, attachable to wheel tractors and hydrostatic tractors, road brush cutters, brushcutters for cleaning biondas, hydraulic heads for retro excavators, ATB hydrostatic tractors.

The models of milling machines for leeks ASPARAGUS and artichokes allow them to be used in different areas and planting structures. Terraland stone burying machines prepare the planting bed, just as they do in gardening, with different standardized models.

Ecological brush cutters for plantations of all kinds of fruits, such as Kiwi, citrus and almond trees, cut the grass around the trunk.

There are even very ecological models of mulchers that have maximum displacement and inject cut grass from the center of the street to the side, thus maintaining all the moisture of the trees. MULCHING.

Brushcutter heads

The belafer CAB-FW brush cutter head mounted with fixed tungsten hammers are designed with the ability to crush on any terrain and are equipped with materials of the highest quality and reliability on the market.

All the plating is in H450, which is a very solid hydraulic coupling and piston motor equipment, with steel fittings and extraordinary mobility when used on the job.

The nails they possess in turn allow both the full support of the retro spider and the manipulation of the material to be shredded.